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City of Warrenville
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Warrenville, IL 60555
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Old Town Roundabout Project History
Project History (last updated May 22, 2015)

For more than 30 years, the City has discussed the potential reconfiguration of this intersection area.  Until recently, the City never felt it had enough detailed information to make definitive decisions on what, if any, modifications to the intersection area would be appropriate.  The roundabout concept originated during the public input and review process associated with the City’s preparation and adoption of the detailed Old Town/Civic Center (OTCC) Subarea Plan in 2007.  Even though this plan identified the realignment of the off-set intersections with a 4-way signalized intersection or a roundabout as the “central element” for the Old Town District, it also recognized that “future engineering studies of the intersection will help the City decide on an optimal realignment.”

In January of 2013, the City Council approved a contract with Engineering Resource Associates to:
  1. Perform a detailed alternatives analysis of the various realignment alternatives identified for this intersection area, and
  2. Prepare preliminary engineering design report and plans for the City Council approved “preferred alternative” intersection configuration.

As part of the alternatives analysis process, the City conducted public information and input meeting on February 27, 2013, where City staff provided a Power Point presentation of the various intersection realignment alternatives under consideration at the time.  An educational video on roundabouts was included in that presentation and can access here.  Minutes of the February 27, 2013, meeting can be accessed here

A Public Input Survey for feedback on this issue was provided to attendees of the Public Information and Input Meeting. The City received 29 completed surveys. Approximately 69% of respondents felt it would be desirable to reconfigure the existing off-set intersection. Half of respondents were undecided on whether to realign River Road with Batavia Road or Batavia Road with River Road, while 28% indicated a preference for realigning Batavia Road with River Road. Approximately 66% of respondents prefer a roundabout intersection to a 4-way signalized intersection if realignment occurs. One of the common themes among respondents was a desire to not negatively impact the businesses at the intersection. A detailed summary of the responses to the survey can be viewed here.

At the City Council’s April 8, 2013, Public Safety Committee of the Whole Meeting, City staff and consultants presented the following eight (8) alternatives for the intersection area along with their detailed recommendation that Alternative 3C be approved as the City’s preferred alternative for the potential future reconfiguration of this intersection area:

Existing Conditions – This option leaving the intersection in its existing configuration would include an evaluation of the existing lane configuration and striping on Warrenville Road.
Alternative 1A – This option realigns Batavia Road with River Road at a 4-way stop sign intersection.
Alternative 1B – This option realigns River Road with Batavia Road at a 4-way stop sign intersection.
Alternative 2A – This option realigns Batavia Road with River Road at a 4-way signalized intersection.
Alternative 2B – This option realigns River Road with Batavia Road at a 4-way signalized intersection.
Alternative 3A – This option realigns Batavia Road with River Road at a circular roundabout intersection.
Alternative 3B – This option realigns River Road with Batavia Road at a circular roundabout intersection.
Alternative 3C – This option utilizes an oval-shaped roundabout that minimizes realignment of any of the 4 legs of the intersection.

City staff’s April 3, 2013 City staff “OLD TOWN INTERSECTION ALTERNATIVES ANALYSIS AND PREFERRED ALTERNATIVE RECOMMENDATION” memorandum is available here.  Exhibits referenced in the memo are available upon request from the Community Development Department. 

On April 15, 2013, The City Council accepted the Public Safety Committee’s recommendation and approved the staff recommended oval-shaped-roundabout (Alt. 3C) as the City’s preferred alternative and directed staff to complete the phase I preliminary engineering design process for it.

The City submitted the draft Phase I Project Development Report (PDR) to IDOT in June 2013 and received comments from IDOT in October 2013.

City staff met with impacted property owners to discuss parking and access to their properties in November and December 2013.  The results of these conversations were incorporated into the Phase I design to the extent it was possible.

City staff met with the Fire Chief in February 2014 to discuss the project.  The Chief expressed no objections to the current design.

City staff and consultants are currently addressing recent IDOT review comments on the Phase I Engineering Report.

No further action is anticipated until substantial outside funding is secured by the City.  Any decisions about proceeding further than Phase I Engineering for this project will be made by City Council at public meetings.

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