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City of Warrenville
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Warrenville, IL 60555
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Southwest District Plan
Updates and How to Get Involved
To view Draft Southwest District Plan click here. To view Consultant Teska's 5/19/16 presentation click here.
Click on the link below to access website created for this Southwest District planning project to keep you informed and obtain continuous feedback from the community:

Planning Area ProposedRt56Rt59Subarea_Exhibit B_thumb.jpg
The Southwest District planning area includes properties along Route 59 and Route 56 intersection and the adjacent sections of the Route 59, Route 56 and Ferry Road.      

Planning Team
A consultant team of Teska Associates and Business Districts Inc. was hired in August 2015, to work with City staff on the development of the Southwest District Plan.

Need for Subarea Planning
Given the significant amount of land available for sale along Route 59 corridor, and increased recent development interest in this area of the community, City  Council made it a priority to develop a comprehensive Route 59 and Route 56 Subarea Plan. The 2015 Economic Development Plan also identifies the development and adoption of a new comprehensive, subarea and/or corridor land use plan as one of the top priority implementation actions.
The outdated 1984 Comprehensive Plan, together with various physical, infrastructure, ownership, and market constraints, have and continue to limit potential new tax-generating development along Route 59 corridor. Without a current Plan, it is difficult for City to provide clear direction to developers and facilitate development that would be supported from a public perspective, realistic from a market standpoint, and fiscally responsible from an economic development and public service perspective. The lack of a clear and current plan supported by the community creates uncertainty for property owners, which limits their ability and desire to invest in their property.
By going through planning process, the City will ensure the plan incorporates current public input, reflects current market realities, acknowledges the Route 56 expansion improvements, as well as recent and ongoing development along the Route 59 corridor, and establishes clear policy direction on the type of development that would be supported by the City. The Plan will address the following key aspects:
• Future land use expectations
• Public infrastructure improvements needs
• Vehicular circulation, access and parking improvements needs
• Pedestrian and bicycle circulation improvements needs
• Urban design preferences
• Environmental protection and open space concerns
• Protection, preservation, and enhancement of residential areas.

Natalia Domovessova
Senior Planner
tel.: 630-393-9050