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City of Warrenville
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, IL 60555
Ph: 630-393-9427
2017 Water and Sewer Extension
Calumet Avenue, Glen Drive North, and Williams Road Proposed Water and Sewer Extension

Project Overview:
 Extension of water main and sanitary sewer throughout Williams Road, sanitary sewer on Calumet Avenue and sanitary sewer on Glen Drive North.  
Water and sewer services from the new main and new sewer will be installed for each lot.  City staff will request input from the residents on the locations of sewer and water stubs early in construction. Once the utilities are installed, the pavement within the project limits and along Calumet east of the project location will be resurfaced with new asphalt.  The City does not require residents to connect to City utilities and there is no cost to the property owner until connection.  

Engineering Plans: Issued for Construction, Overall Utility Plan with Aerial

Anticipated/Ongoing Schedule:
  • February 2017: Advertise for Construction Bids
  • March 2017: Contract Awarded
  • March 26, 2017: Construction Engineer to document existing site conditions using drone.
  • Week of March 27: Construction begins.
  • Week of April 3: Sanitary Sewer installation begins on Williams at Route 56.
  • Week of April 10: Sanitary Sewer installation continues on Williams at south end.  Watermain installation begins on Williams Road at Batavia Road.
  • Week of April 17: Sanitary Sewer installation continues on Williams. Watermain installation continues on Williams Road. Temporary road blocks will occur as construction continues.  
  • Late Fall 2017: Construction to end

Meetings and/or notices:

Contact Information:

Questions can be directed to Senior Civil Engineer Kristine Hocking at , Deputy Public Works Director Phil Kuchler at or by calling (630) 393-9050.


  1. Do I need to connect?  No, the City does not require residents to connect to the City utilities.  In the event that your septic tank fails, the DuPage County Health Department will not issue permits to repair/replace a septic system if a sanitary sewer is available. 
  2. What are the connection costs?  
    1. Sanitary Sewer - $3,707.84 surcharge fee (based on 2016 rates) + $1,000 connection fee = $4,707.84 to City plus additional individual homeowner cost to hire a contractor.
    2. Water Main - Currently: $4,333.62 surcharge fee (based on 2016 rates)
       + $1,000 connection fee + $304.80 water meter cost (based on a 5/8” meter) = $5,650 to City plus additional individual homeowner cost to hire a contractor.
    3. City provides an option for financing.  See information here.  Based on 2016 rates.
  3. How much are typical water and sewer bills?  Bills are generated bi-monthly.  There is a standard base rate of $9.75 for water and $22.93 for sewer. The water rate is $1.50 per 1,000 gallons and sewer is $2.98 per 1,000 gallons.   So, for a 4-person household, on average, the estimated usage for a 2 month billing period is 24,000 gallons each of water and sewer.   So costs would be: 24 x $1.50 = $36.00 + $9.75 = $45.75 (water) and 24 x $2.98= $71.52 + $22.93 = $94.45 (sewer).

Project Limtis