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City of Warrenville
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, IL 60555
Ph: 630-393-9427
Cantera Riverview West Lot C-2
Development of an approximately 32.63-acre vacant property located along the north side of Ferry Road and immediately east of the West Branch of the DuPage River with a mixed-use project (“Riverview West”) consisting of 60, three-story townhomes, a single 364-unit, four-story, apartment building with an internal parking garage, and multiple commercial/retail/restaurant buildings containing a total of approximately 35,550 square feet of floor area.

John C. Schiess

Property Owner:
Cantera Apartments, LLC

Project Status:
The initial public hearing for this project took place on September 7, 2017. The applicant conducted a neighborhood information meeting on the proposed project on November 28, 2017. A new public hearing before the City of Warrenville Plan Commission (Legal Notice) for this project was scheduled for December 7, 2017, but was opened and immediately continued until December 14, 2017, with no discussion until such date. The Staff Report for the 12/14/17 public hearing is here. The hearing was continued until December 21, 2017, at which time the Plan Commission recommended conditional approval of the preliminary PUD plans/application per the December 18, 2017, Staff Recommendation Memo, attached here. The City Council is scheduled to consider and potentially take action on the Plan Commission's recommendation at its January 15, 2018, meeting.

Submitted Documents: 

Site Plan dated 12-4-17
Revised Elevations and Floor Plans dated 12-21-17
Architectural Plans for Apartments at Riverview West dated 12-4-17
Baranyk Associates, Ltd. Response to 10-4-17 Staff Review
Baranyk Associates, Ltd. Response to 11-28-17 Warrenville Staff Comments dated 12-4-17
Bollinger Lach Letter to John Schiess dated 12-5-17
Cantera Apartments Variances Request dated 12-4-17
Development Area Exhibit dated 12-4-17
Engineering Ordinance Relief submitted 12-7-17
First Western Properties Marketing Plan submitted 12-7-17
Strategy Planning Associates Fiscal Impact Analysis revised 12-28-17
Gewalt Hamilton Traffic Impact Study revised 12-4-17
Interforum Holdings Resume submitted 12-7-17
Kline Circle Autoturn Exhibit dated 12-4-17
Landscape Plan dated 12-4-17
Major Amendment Application dated 12-4-17
Master Declaration of Covenants dated 12-6-17
Plat of Survey dated 12-6-17
Preliminary Engineering Grading dated 12-4-17
Preliminary Plat of Easement dated 12-4-17
Preliminary Plat of Subdivision dated 1-8-18
Preliminary Utility Plan dated 12-4-17
Response to 11-28-17 Staff Comments submitted 12-7-17
Response to Staff and FPD Comments dated 12-6-17
Riverview West Narrative dated 12-7-17
Table 1 Fee Calculation Off-Street Parking submitted 12-7-17
Table 2 Parking submitted 12-7-17
Table 3 Open Space Statement submitted 12-7-17
Table 4 Lot Data submitted 12-7-17
Table 5 Rental Building Size and Composition submitted 12-7-17
Townhomes Plans dated 12-4-17
Tree Preservation Plan dated 12-4-17
United Survey Response to 11-28-17 Staff Comments dated 11-28-17
Warranty Deed submitted 12-7-17