Site Development Plan Review Process

  1. Review Process
  2. Courtesy Review
  3. Special Use Permit
  4. Variance

The Planning and Zoning Division provides assistance with the following services:

  • Zoning and planning questions
  • Subdivision of property
  • Planned Unit Development
  • Special use permits
  • Variance
  • Annexation
  • Review and amend the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan
  • Mapping
  • Floodplain questions
  • Rezoning

Review and Approval Process
In order to receive approval for any new development, redevelopment, subdivision, zoning ordinance amendment, special use, variation, planned unit development, or re-zoning, an application must be filed. Upon receipt of a completed submittal, City Staff will review the proposal to ensure it meets the requirements and intent of the applicable City Codes and Ordinances. It is then forwarded to the Plan Commission (PC) and/or Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). The PC/ZBA reviews the project and makes a recommendation to the City Council. If a Public Hearing is needed, the process will take approximately three months. The ZBA makes final decisions on minor amendments. Typically, there are five weeks between when the Plan Commission makes a recommendation on a development and the when the City Council takes final action.

Warrenville Fire Protection District
The Warrenville Fire Protection District is responsible for review and approval of all non-single family related building and occupancy permits and for approving all Fire Alarm and Sprinkler system drawings.