Brush Pick-ups and Wood Chips

2020 Brush Pick-Up Schedule

Brush Pick-Up April, May, September and October:

Zone 1 –  1st Monday of the month                    
Zone 2 – 2nd Monday of the month
Zone 3 – 3rd Monday of the month
Zone 4 – 4th Monday of the month                    

Identify your zone:  Brush Pickup Zone Map 
*If Monday is a holiday, pick-up will be on Tuesday. For example, the first Monday in September is Labor Day, so pick-up for Zone-1 will occur on Tuesday.     

If brush needs to be picked up due to a storm and it is outside the regular pick up schedule, complete a service request to Public Works (LINK to form).

Preparing for Pickup

  • Put out brush prior to 7:00 a.m. on the day of your scheduled pick-up
  • Only one pile of trimmed brush will be picked up per address            
  • Brush pile does not contain logs, lumber, yard waste, thorns, or root-balls
  • Brush pile is no larger than 3’ high by 8’ wide by 15’ long                
  • Each branch/limb does not exceed 8 inches in diameter                
  • Each branch/limb does not exceed 8 feet in length                    
  • Cut ends extend toward the street                                

Residents who miss their designated brush pickup or require disposal of brush during June, July and August may do so by burning the brush according to City of Warrenville Open Burning Ordinance #2567.

Free Wood Chips

Residents may access as many free woodchips at:

Public Works Garage, 3S346 Mignin Drive

The woodchip bin is accessible 24 hours per day and located at the north end of Mignin Drive. Resident cooperation is greatly appreciated in order to ensure that the program is efficient and can continue. 

  1. Public Works

    Phone: 630-393-9050