Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety

Children wait for a bike safety check at the Bike RodeoRiding and walking safely is an important part of enjoying your time out in the community and on the trail. You should:

  • Make sure to be seen! Make eye contact with motorists before crossing a street, wear bright clothing, invest in lighting for your bike
  • Wear a helmet. For kids and adults alike, wearing a bicycle helmet is the most effective way to prevent a life-threatening head injury
  • Ride a bike that fits you
  • Maintain your bicycle
  • Know the rules of the road for bicyclists
  • Plan your route so you know where to go

Safety Resources

Whatever your level of experience, there are many resources to help you improve your comfort and abilities. 

For Bicyclists

  • Illinois Bicycle Safety Quiz Challenge(Ride Illinois)
    • Teaches adults, children, motorists, and truck drivers how to share the road safely. The interactive quizzes cover safety techniques and relevant state laws using images and short explanations for each answer. The quiz is the teaching tool!
  • Smart Cycling Tips(League of American Bicyclists)
    •  Tips for commuters, riding safely, perform bike maintenance, and general rules of the road
  • Bicycle Safer Journey
    • Bicycle education focused for ages 5 to 18

For Pedestrians