Strategic/Economic Development Plan

The City's Strategic/Economic Development Plan was adopted by the City in May of 2015. The Plan prioritizes issues and initiatives upon which the City will focus its resources in upcoming years to support existing business growth and attract new businesses into the City, while maintaining current services and infrastructure for residents.

The six goals established in the 2015 Strategic/Economic Development Plan include:

GOAL 1: Economic Development

Enhance the City's tax base, support the growth of businesses, increase local shopping and dining opportunities, diversify the City's labor market, expand housing options, and create attractive gathering places.

2019 Progress Report - Economic Development (PDF)

GOAL 2: Fiscal Conservatism

Uphold the City's record of fiscal conservatism.

2019 Progress Report - Fiscal Conservatism (PDF)

GOAL 3: Open Space and Environment

Strategically preserve and protect the high quality natural features, diversified natural ecosystems, and path and trail networks that contribute significantly to the City's charm, attractiveness, character, and setting.

2019 Progress Report - Open Space and Environment (PDF)

GOAL 4: City Infrastructure

Repair, maintain, replace, and strategically upgrade and expand the City's physical infrastructure assets in a well-planned, coordinated, and timely manner that is fiscally responsible, enhances public safety, supports increased private property values and enhances quality of life for residents.

2019 Progress Report - City Infrastructure (PDF)

GOAL 5: Public Safety

Provide high quality, proactive, public safety service throughout the community.

2019 Progress Report - Public Safety (PDF)

GOAL 6: Diversity (revised October 5, 2020)

Create and promote an inclusive environment through outreach, education, and engagement that removes barriers and supports diversity; where all are welcomed, respected, treated equitably and valued within the community.

2021 Update - Diversity (PDF)

2019 Progress Report - Diversity (PDF)

Questions regarding the Strategic/Economic Development Plan may be directed to the Community Development Department at 630-393-9050.