Cantera Riverview West Lot C-2

Project Description: 
The Riverview West project includes development of an approximately 32.63-acre vacant property as a mixed-use consisting of 60 three-story townhomes, a single 364-unit, four-story, apartment building with an internal parking garage, and approximately 35,550 square feet of commercial space.


Along north side of Ferry Road, west of Winfield Road, and immediately east of West Branch of the DuPage River 

Interforum Holdings

Project Status:
Final Plat of Subdivision and Final PUD plans for site improvements and the apartment complex component of the project were approved by the City Council on May 20, 2019, by Ordinance No. O2019-21 (PDF). The apartment building is under construction. 

Interested future residents should visit the Arden website.

Approved Arden Apartments Final PUD Documents:
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The Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals recommended City Council approval of the Riverview West townhomes at its April 22, 2021 meeting. The City Council approved the townhomes project at its May 3, 2021 meeting via Ordinance O2021-15.  Deed Restrictions   Master Covenants   Landscape Covenants

Townhomes Final PUD Documents submitted for City review March 1, 2021 and April 12, 2021:  4/22/21 Staff Report (PDF)
General Application, 4 pages, prepared by John Schiess, dated 1-5-21
Application Form D, 8 pages, prepared by John Schiess, dated 2-24-21
Letter of Authorization, 1 page, prepared by Igor Blumin, dated 1-5-21
Warranty Deed, 7 pages, prepared by Edward Krzyminski, dated 1-9-17
Site Plan (PDF), 8 sheets, prepared by A Studio Architects, dated 4-7-21
Architectural Plans (PDF), 17 sheets, prepared by A Studio Architects, dated 4-7-21
Site Improvement Plans (PDF), 17 sheets, prepared by Bollinger, Lach & Associates, dated 4-7-21
Response Letter (PDF), 3 pages, prepared by BLA, Inc., dated 4-2-21
Subdivision Plat (PDF), 4 sheets, prepared by United Survey Service LLC, dated 4-10-21
Responses to Staff Comments (PDF), 14 pages, prepared by Developer and Consultant, dated 4-12-21
Responses to Staff Comments (PDF), 2 pages, prepared by The Lannert Group, dated 3-26-21
Response to Amendment to Preliminary Approvals for Phase II (PDF), 2 pages, dated 4-9-21
Memo (PDF), 9 pages, prepared by BLA, Inc. dated 4-14-21
Landscape Plans (PDF), 3 sheets, prepared by Lannert Group, dated 4-7-21
Signed Fire Inspector's Review (PDF), 3 pages, prepared by Warrenville Fire Protection District, dated 3-8-21
Electric Light Fixture (PDF), 1 page, prepared by Access Lighting, submitted 4-12-21
Deck Brochure, Composite Decking and Handrail System Brochure (PDF), 27 pages, prepared by UltraDeck, submitted 4-12-21
Color Chart (PDF), 3 pages, submitted 4-12-21
Approval Letter (PDF), 1 page, prepared by DuPage Regional Office of Education, dated 10-6-20
Townhome Projections (PDF), 3 sheets, prepared by A Studio Architects, dated 4-7-21
Master Declaration of Covenants (PDF), 29 pages, prepared by Nazar Kashuba, submitted 4-13-21
Executive Summary Analysis (PDF), 19 pages, prepared by Tracy Cross Associates, Inc., dated 12-5-20

Riverview West Apartments

Riverview West Townhomes