Cantera Riverview West Lot C-2

Project Description: 
The Riverview West (Arden) project includes development of an approximately 32.63-acre vacant property as a mixed-use consisting of 60 three-story townhomes, a single 364-unit, four-story, apartment building with an internal parking garage, and multiple commercial/retail/ restaurant buildings containing a total of approximately 35,550 square feet of floor area.

28294 Ferry Road
Along north side of Ferry Road and immediately east of West Branch of the DuPage River

John C. Schiess

Property Owner:
Cantera Apartments, LLC

Project Status:
Final Plat of Subdivision and Final PUD plans for site improvements and the apartment complex component of the project were approved by the City Council on May 20, 2019, by Ordinance No. O2019-21 (PDF). The City Council approved a Quick Start grading permit (PDF) at its October 1, 2018, meeting, and a Quick Start foundation permit for the apartment building at its May 6, 2019, meeting.  Construction is underway.

Interested future residents should visit the Arden website.

Final PUD Documents:
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Minor PUD Amendment
Request for minor amendments to the Planned Unit Development (PUD) approvals for modified site entrance configuration and relocated permeable pavement. This request was considered by the Plan Commission at its July 9, 2020, Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, wherein it approved amendments which would allow east access reconfiguration and permeable pavement relocation.
Best Management Practice Implementation Schedule Letter and Summary (PDF), 8 pages, prepared by BLA, Inc., dated 6-30-20
Civil Drawings (PDF), Sheets 6-8, prepared by Bollinger, Lach Associates, Inc., dated 6-25-20
Letter of Authorization (PDF), 1 page, prepared by Igor Blumin, dated 6-27-17
Minor PUD Amendment Application (PDF), 3 pages, prepared by John Schiess, dated 6-25-20
Permeable Pavement Relocation (PDF), 1 sheet, submitted 6-25-20
Site Plan (PDF), 1 sheet, prepared by Baranyk Associates, Ltd., dated 6-29-20
Traffic Impact Study (PDF), Pages 1-10, prepared by Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc., dated 4-22-20

3D Rendering of Riverview West Apartment building