Speedway Remodel 2019

Project Description: 
Redevelopment of existing gas station with new 3,900-square foot convenience store, 16 automobile fueling stations, three truck/commercial fueling lanes, and associated parking, parking lot lighting, landscaping and stormwater management improvements.

WT Group

2S540 Route 59

Project Status: 
Approved by the City Council on 2-19-19, by Ordinance O2019-03 (PDF). Approvals of Ordinance O2019-03 were extended by O2020-07 on 2-18-20.

Site Engineering Set (PDF), 56 sheets, prepared by WT Group, dated 12-28-2018
Plat of Consolidation (PDF), 1 sheet, prepared by WT Group, dated 12-28-18
Landscape Plan (PDF), 2 pages, prepared by WT Group, dated 12-19-18

Speedway Building and Layout Plan Drawing