Curbside Recycling

Recycling needs to be contained in plastic recycling bins or containers 18 gallons in size or less, or cans that are 34 gallons in size or less labeled "recycle." "Recycle" labels are available at City Hall for free. Recycling must weigh less than 50 pounds or be in recycling carts with wheels (toters). Recycling carts of 64 gallons can be rented from Waste Management for $3.00 per month; simply call (800) 796-9696. Cardboard boxes are not acceptable recycling containers. Weather and rodents can break down cardboard and spread debris along the street. Anyone using receptacles that do not meet the requirements will not be serviced.

All recycling material must be clean; it cannot be contaminated with food items, trash, or yard waste. Contaminated items will not be picked up. View a list of the most common recyle contaminants (PDF). Plastic bags (garbage bags, shopping bags, zip-lock bags, bread bags, newspaper bags, etc.) and plastic film (shrink-wrap, plastic wrap around cases of water bottles, packing pillows, bubble wrap, flexible plastic food packaging, etc.) are excluded from the recycling program. Recycle all bottles, cans, paper and cardboard. Not sure what can be recycled, view an easy guide to recycling

Remember to make sure recycling is not contaminated. Residents are recycling, but not always correctly. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes items get placed in recycling bins erroneously. As a result, these materials end up in landfills, rather than being converted into reusable items. The wrong materials can also jam up the works at recycling facilities. Please take a moment to watch a recycling video that provides three simple recycling tips that can make a big difference today and every day.

View additional recycling information for items that are excluded from the residential curbside recycling program, including styrofoam, electronics, plastic bags, hazardous waste, and prescriptions.