29W700 Waverly Avenue Pool and Deck

Project Description: 
Potential request for zoning variations to increase maximum allowed lot coverage on residential lots over 14,000 square feet, but less than 30,000 square feet and to allow a swimming pool in the actual front yard, in order to build a swimming pool and deck.

Located on west side of IL Route 59, north of Waverly Avenue, east of Riverside Avenue

Scott and Jodi Knabe

Project Status:
A courtesy review before the Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals (PC/ZBA) was held on May 21, 2020, via electronic means. See the  Staff Memo (PDF), which addresses the request. The PC/ZBA recommended general approval of the request without the lot coverage variance, if possible.


  1. Site Plan Exhibit A (PDF)
  2. Summary Letter to ZBA Exhibit B (PDF), 1 page, prepared by Kevin Kearney, dated 5-8-20
  3. Zoning Ordinance Variation Application Exhibit C (PDF), 3 pages, submitted by Kevin Kearney on 4-16-20
  4. Plat of Survey Exhibit D (PDF), 1 page, submitted by Kevin Kearney on 5-8-20
  5. Authorization Letter Exhibit E (PDF), 1 page, prepared by Scott and Jodi Knabe, dated 4-24-20
  6. 3D Rendering, 1 page, submitted by Kevin Kearney