Vintage Luxury Homes

Project Description:
Redevelopment of an approximately 4.63-acre section of the existing surface parking lot in the northeast portion of the property with a 10-building, 57-unit, townhouse complex and related surface parking, lighting and landscaping improvements, and repurposing the existing 139,900-square foot three-story vacant office building for a co-op shared office space.

28301 Ferry Road
(West of Winfield Road, on the south side of Ferry Road)

Vintage Luxury Homes

Project Status:
A formal public hearing took place at the February 4, 2021, Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, and was continued to the meeting of March 18, 2021. . (Legal Notice PDF) (2/4/21 Presentation PDF)    (Video recording from February 4, 2021 meeting) Passcode 61wMh&Dv

General Application (PDF), 4 pages, prepared by Naim Elias, dated 1-13-21
Application for Major Amendment in SD District (PDF), 5 pages, prepared by Naim Elias, dated 1-13-21
Application Form D for Preliminary/Final PUD (PDF), 10 pages, prepared by Naim Elias, dated 1-13-21
Illustrative Typical Cross Section (PDF), 1 sheet, prepared by Haeger Engineering, dated 10-29-20
Preliminary Engineering Report (PDF), 2 pages, prepared by Haeger Engineering, dated 1-12-21
Sundance Residential Rowhomes Cantera Subarea E Lots 1A and 1B Preliminary PUD Plan and Landscape Plan (PDF), 6 sheets, prepared by Haeger Engineering, dated 1-19-21
Sundance Preliminary Plat of Subdivision (PDF), 2 sheets, prepared by Haeger Engineering, sheet 1 dated 12-10-20, sheet 2 dated 12-9-20, resubmitted 1-20-21
Cantera Declaration of Protective Covenants (PDF) , 13 pages, prepared by Warrenville Development Limited Partnership, dated 12-16-98
Special Warranty Deed (PDF), 7 pages, prepared by FDS Cantera LLC, dated 7-20-20
Open Space Statement (PDF), 1 page, prepared by Sundance, submitted 1-13-21
Sundance Architectural Rendering (PDF), 1 page, submitted 1-13-21
ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey (PDF), 1 sheet, prepared by V3 Consultants, dated 4-24-15
Written Statement (PDF), 1 page, submitted 1-13-21
Sundance Floor Plans (PDF), 5 sheets, submitted 1-15-21
Analysis of Market Potentials (PDF), 9 pages, prepared by Development Planning Partners, dated 1-2021