For service requests, questions about billing, requests for carts, or general questions, please contact Groot directly at 630-892-9294 

Residential Pickup and Removal

The City of Warrenville is responsible for residential garbage, recycling, and yard waste removal. This service is contracted out for a period of five years, effective May 1, 2021, through Groot, Inc. With this program, each household will receive one garbage cart and one recycling cart.  The default size for garbage and recycling carts will be 65 gallons. 

If a larger cart is more appropriate for household needs, residents may select a 95 gallon cart for waste and recycle. A 35 gallon “seniors only” garbage option is also available. Please note with the senior rate, the recycling cart will still be the 65 gallon default size. To request a different cart size, please contact Groot directly.

For additional information about collection or program details, please visit the City of Warrenville page on the Groot website or contact Groot at 630-892-9294.

Collection days  will be Thursdays and Fridays. View the collection map to determine the new pick-up day that applies to you.

Observed Holidays

Groot observes the following holidays. When the holiday falls on a Sunday or weekday, service will be delayed by one day. Friday pick-up will occur on Saturdays.

  • Christmas Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • New Year's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day


A flat monthly rate based on cart size will be billed directly from Groot on a quarterly basis. Notice will be sent from Groot of any annual increases effective May 1 of each year.

Refuse Service Fee (billed quarterly)
Toter Service (65 or 95-gallon cart) $16.43/month
Toter Service (35-gallon cart; seniors only) $12.21/month 
Recycling (Papers, Aluminum, Tin, Plastics) Included
Yard Waste Stickers (April 1 - November 30) $2.91/sticker

Curbside Recycling

Recycling must be contained in the Groot cart. Excess recycling that does not fit in the cart must be neatly placed in rigid containers weighing less than 50 pounds. Cardboard boxes are not acceptable recycling containers. Weather and rodents can break down cardboard and spread debris along the street. Anyone using receptacles that do not meet the requirements will not be serviced.

All recycling material must be clean; it cannot be contaminated with food items, trash, or yard waste. Contaminated items will not be picked up. The most common recycle contaminants include, plastic bags (garbage bags, shopping bags, zip-lock bags, bread bags, newspaper bags, etc.), plastic film (shrink-wrap, plastic wrap around cases of water bottles, packing pillows, bubble wrap, flexible plastic food packaging, etc.), and food waste (pizza boxes, fast food containers, etc.). Plastic bags  can be recycled but are excluded from the recycling program. Check with local stores as many offer shopping bag recycling as a service.  

Remember to make sure recycling is not contaminated. Residents are recycling, but not always correctly. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes items get placed in recycling bins erroneously. As a result, these materials end up in landfills, rather than being converted into reusable items. The wrong materials can also jam up the works at recycling facilities. 

Additional items that are excluded from the residential curbside recycling program, include styrofoam, electronics, plastic bags, hazardous waste, and prescriptions. View information about additional recycling resources.

Image of Garbage and Recycling Cart Sizes and Dimensions