Bollweg Rezoning and Subdivision

Project Description:

The rezoning and subdivision of five lots into three B-4 Motorist Service lots, a request for a Special Use Permit to allow for a parking lot as a principal use of one of the three newly configured lots, and requests for parking and landscaping variations.


28W321, 28W289, and 28W275 Warrenville Road


J.H. Bollweg Building Partnership.

Project Status:

The Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals began the public hearing process for this application at the October 20, 2022 meeting and continued to the November 10 meeting. After unanimous Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals recommendation, the City Council issued approval for the requested zoning relief.


Zoning Applications, 19 pages, Prepared by J.H. Bollweg Building Partnership, dated 8/25/22

Plat of Survey – Lambert and Associates, dated May 27, 2022

Final Plat of Bollweg Subdivision – Polena Engineering LLC, 1 page, revised October 25, 2022

Egress Easement, 6 pages, Prepared by J.H. Bollweg Building Partnership and Mike and Meagan Kodak

Revised Bollweg Site Plan/Landscape Plan  , 1 page, Prepared by Lambert and Associates, revised October 31, 2022

Minutes from PC/ZBA Meeting from October 20, 2022 

Existing Plat

proposed plat