Warrenville Homes for a Changing Region Action Plan


Homes for a Changing Region is a program supported by the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus and Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, funded by the Illinois Housing Development Authority, and designed to help localities in the greater Chicago region analyze, diagnose, and develop market- and evidence based solutions for the housing challenges each locality faces. The Homes for a Changing Region (“Homes”) team studied Warrenville-specific housing trends and identified recommendations for the City to achieve a balanced and healthy housing stock. 

The team identified the following conditions in the City of Warrenville: 

  • Warrenville recently permitted many new rental housing units. Because these investments will add roughly 1,012 new rental units and double the supply of rental in the community, the City has asked how much more development its market can support.
  • Warrenville’s population is aging. Seniors doubled between 2000 and 2018, and half of all homeowners are 55 and older. This suggests a need for additional senior housing.
  • Warrenville needs more affordable units. Nearly a quarter of residents earn less than $50,000 per year, and 31% of all households struggle with housing costs higher than 30% of their income. 
  • Warrenville has neighborhoods with moderately priced homes, but they need investment. Warrenville has approximately 1,400 homes affordable to households earning between $20,000 and $50,000, but some subdivisions may need substantial investment and rehabilitation.

Based on the analysis, the Homes team recommends the following actions for City consideration:

Explore New Housing Options for Missing Middle and Senior Housing 

Action plan suggests there could be unmet needs for housing for the local workforce and seniors, even with the considerable multifamily development activity recently occurred. To determine and then meet this need, Warrenville should: (1) Hire an independent market analyst to determine market absorption for senior and middle-market housing; (2) Examine its zoning code and consider revisions or amendments to reduce barriers for and accommodate additional housing types; and (3) Utilize the recommendations in this plan, market analysis, and/or code changes to communicate a clear and consistent vision for diverse and sustainable housing with residents and developers. 

Rehabilitate Aging Subdivisions to Preserve Affordable Ownership Opportunities 

Warrenville possesses several neighborhoods with relatively affordable single-family homes, but many of these properties need some investment. The Illinois Housing Development Authority manages two programs that could fund improvements in the Single-Family Rehabilitation and Home Accessibility Programs. Because there is no entity administering these programs in the Warrenville area, Warrenville should partner with neighboring municipalities and/or a not-for-profit organization to pursue and administer these funds in key areas.

The complete HOMES WARRENVILLE ACTION PLAN can be viewed here:  https://www.warrenville.il.us/DocumentCenter/View/17933/Warrenville-Homes-for-a-Changing-Region-Action-Plan-8-31-2021?bidId=