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City of Warrenville
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Just the Facts

Posted on: January 13, 2015

RUMOR: The City purchased the Wangerin and Johnson properties to install the roundabout

Wangerin-Johnson Properties

At the July 7, 2014, City Council meeting and the August 14, 2014, City Council meeting, the City Council adopted ordinances that approved real estate contracts for the purchase of the Johnson and Wangerin properties located immediately north of the CITGO gas station at 3S523 Batavia Road and 3S523 Batavia Road respectively. The approvals of these contracts were subject to certain due diligence conditions. These due diligence conditions must be fully satisfied before the City will take ownership of the property. As of January 12, 2015, the City has not taken ownership of the properties.

When ownership is acquired, the City has no immediate plans for the properties but to demolish the existing structures. The City’s 2007 Old Town/Civic Center Subarea Plan generally illustrates the portion of these properties located adjacent to Batavia Road, outside the floodplain, being used for new private commercial development and the floodplain area being converted into public open space. More information on the Old Town/Civic Center Subarea Plan, including illustrative depictions of how the Johnson and Wangerin Properties may be used in the future, can be found at:

On April 15, 2013, the City Council accepted the Public Safety Committee’s recommendation and approved the staff recommended oval-shaped-roundabout design (Alt. 3C) as the City’s “preferred alternative” design for the Warrenville/River/Batavia Road intersection area should it be modified in the future. More detailed information on the City’s evaluation of this intersection area and an illustration of the preferred alternative design is available at: Neither the Johnson nor Wangerin property is required for the installation of the preferred alternative design. The existing CITGO gas station property is the only property that would need to be acquired by the City in order to construct the preferred alternative design.

At their November 18, 2013, regular meeting, the City Council unanimously passed a motion “establishing the City Council’s position that progress on the implementation of the proposed Old Town Roundabout Project is dependent upon the City securing substantial outside funding assistance for final engineering design, property acquisition, and project construction costs”. As of January 13, 2015, the City Council has not budgeted for or authorized preparation of final engineering design or property acquisition for the Old Town Roundabout Project.

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