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Posted on: June 18, 2015

Flood Mitigation Efforts are Working

After the heavy rains on Monday, the West Branch of the DuPage River crested just past noon on Tuesday. The City Administrator, Senior Civil Engineer, Public Works Superintendent, and the DuPage County Director of Stormwater Management drove around Warrenville inspecting the impact of the storms. The good news? The flood mitigation improvements are working!

Namely, while the Fawell Dam gates were being operated and, although high, the River was not impacting Warrenville Road businesses. Specifically, Towne Tap/Al’s Pizza’s basement was dry. The Bower School retention area was holding, and on Forestview Drive North, there was water on the pavement on the east end of the road, but the City residents on Forestview and Riverside were unaffected. At the Mack Road Bridge, the River flowing under the bridge and not flooding the road. Main Street’s storm sewer valve was closed, preventing backflow. The areas in the center of town, such as Behr Circle Drive and St. Irene’s, were doing well.

In 2011, the City Council appointed the Fawell Dam Workgroup, made up of City staff and elected officials. The Workgroup invested a considerable amount of time, effort, and financial resources analyzing Fawell Dam, investigating citizen concerns about the Dam, interacting with DuPage County regarding the Dam, studying factors that contributed to flooding, and evaluating opportunities to mitigate flooding. The results of these efforts were compiled into the August 3, 2011 Fawell Dam Workgroup Final Report on Fawell Dam’s Impact on Flooding in the City of Warrenville. It can be viewed at this link: In general, the conclusions were that the Dam would not be removed in the foreseeable future, and operation with the gates fully open would have little impact on flooding in Warrenville. In addition, the study supported DuPage County’s “preferred alternative,” identified in the West Branch DuPage River Watershed Plan Addendum, which was funded in September 2010 when the County Board approved a 5-year bond initiative in the amount of $5.5 million. The County’s Addendum included the implementation of a number of flood mitigation projects some of which are noted below.

The following projects were planned and funded by the City and the County to address flooding:
1. Repairing and upgrading Bower Elementary School flood control berm to a levee (completed by County in 2013)
2. Construction of a flood control berm and storm sewer backflow preventers along River Road (completed by County in 2014)
3. Reconstruction of Warrenville Road bridge (currently under construction by County)
4. Reconstruction of Williams Road bridge (currently under construction by City)
5. Construction of a flood control berm at the Emerald Green subdivision (rejected by local homeowners)
6. Construction of a flood control berm at the Iroquois Court/Williams Road neighborhood (rejected by local homeowners)
7. Construction of a flood control berm at Forestview Drive (rejected by local homeowners)
8. Implementation of compensatory storage for the above improvements by cutting of channel banks approximately between the Leone Schmidt Heritage Park and Bower Elementary School (south of Warrenville Road completed by County in 2014, north of Warrenville Road under construction by County)
9. Implementation of a river restoration corridor approximately between Leone Schmidt Heritage Park and the McDowell Grove Dam (south of Warrenville Road completed by County in 2014, north of Warrenville Road under construction by County)
10. Sluice gates added to River Road flood protection berm project to provide additional protection in case County backflow preventers fail (completed by County / paid for by City in 2014)
11. Public Works adjusted a structure in the City’s right-of-way to alleviate drainage issues along St. Irene’s property (completed by City in 2014)
12. Addition of a Main Street storm sewer valve to prevent river water from backing up into the City’s storm sewer system and low areas located away from the river (completed by City in 2013)

During the Route 56 widening project, IDOT also raised the level of the bridge over the River. City and County staff worked with three residents in the Forestview Drive North / Riverside Parkway neighborhood who made improvements to their homes to protect themselves from flooding. These residents all reported improvements during this rain event.

The 2013 Community Survey indicated that flooding was an important issue for many residents. In 2014, Mayor Brummel was appointed to the DuPage County Stormwater Committee to further advocate on behalf of Warrenville and its flooding issues. Finally, recently approved the 2015 Strategic Plan notes as an objective to: Evaluate the flood protection efforts implemented by DuPage County along the West Branch of the DuPage River to ensure that flooding has been reduced for residents and businesses along the River. With Monday’s rain event, it’s clear that the work the City and County officials did in response to concerns expressed by residents is having a positive impact. This is a great example of citizens and City officials working together to improve the Warrenville community.

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