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Just the Facts

Posted on: May 23, 2016

Rumor: The Former Musselman Factory Property Will be Made into a Park.

Fact: this rumor is false.

The City Council has not taken any action that would result in the property being converted into a park. Instead, the City remains committed to identifying a new residential developer to purchase and redevelop the site, because private re-development is essential given the large public investment made to date and the legal obligation to repay the $2.2 million dollar interfund loan that was used to purchase the property in 2007. In fact, for nearly a decade, there has been a clear, long-term City land use plan and policy direction for residential redevelopment of this property. The ultimate sale and private redevelopment will allow the City to satisfy its legal obligation to repay the $2.2 million interfund loan.

Additionally, the community already has abundant acreage of open space in and adjacent to the community, including existing parks, County and City trails, forest preserves, and Fermilab. It is worth noting that converting the former Musselman property into a public park would require all of the same expenditures made to date for the acquisition, demolition, and cleanup of the property, plus additional public expenditures for the various grading, landscaping, parking, and playground equipment improvements associated with a park use. Further, a park use would add annual maintenance expenses and forever eliminate the ability of the property to generate tax revenue for the community.

Additional Background and Details:
In 2007, with the use of a $2.2 million dollar interfund loan from the City’s Water and Sewerage Fund, the City Council unanimously approved the purchase of the former industrially zoned Musselman factory property with the clear and specific intent of (i) removing the subsurface contamination on the property and (ii) redeveloping it and two adjacent non-residentially zoned properties in a manner that would be consistent with the goals and objectives of the Old Town/ Civic Center Subarea Plan. The three combined properties contain 4.25 acres and are now collectively referred to as Civic Center Redevelopment Site #1 (CCRS #1).

In 2007, following an extensive public input process, in which more than 100 residents participated, the City Council unanimously adopted the Old Town/Civic Center Subarea Plan (the Plan) as a component of the City’s long-range Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The Plan clearly illustrates CCRS #1 being redeveloped with a high quality, moderately dense, residential project containing approximately 40 units. Such residential development is consistent with the Plan’s goals to increase the variety of housing options available, add residential population, and support additional business development in the Civic Center.

The citizen input and consensus for the redevelopment of CCRS #1 did not include its reuse as a public park. Additional detailed information on the subarea planning process and Plan are available on the City’s website. Click on the link below.

For the last decade, the City Council has remained committed to the original purpose and intent for acquiring CCRS #1. During this period, the City has incurred approximately $1.3 million dollars in additional costs for demolition, contamination clean up, and property assemblage in order to prepare the property for redevelopment and make it attractive to residential developers.

In the second quarter of 2015, the City Council unanimously approved a sales and redevelopment agreement for the property with David Weekley Homes. In March 2016, the City Council approved final development plans for 34 detached single-family homes on the site. Unfortunately, the developer withdrew from the project shortly after it was approved. The City is now actively working to identify a new residential developer to purchase and develop the property in accordance with the Community’s long standing vision for moderate density residential redevelopment.

For more information on the progress and future development plans for this property, go to Business > Current Development Projects > CCRS #1-Settler's Pointe Subdivision or call City Hall at (630) 393-9050.

Subarea Planning process and Land Use Plan