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Posted on: May 7, 2018

Plastic Bags Create Problems for Recycling Equipment

Plastic Bags on Recycle Sorting Line.jpg
Did you know that plastic bags can shut down recycling equipment? They can get tangled and wrap around the equipment. It is more important than ever to recycle right due to new standards for recycle materials. Plastic bags (garbage bags, shopping bags, zip-lock bags, bread bags, newspaper bags, etc.) and plastic film (shrink-wrap, plastic wrap around cases of water bottles, packing pillows, bubble wrap, flexible plastic food packaging, etc.) are excluded from the recycling program.
Recyclables must be loose in a recycle bin or cart. They cannot be placed curbside in a plastic bag.

NOTE: Plastic bags are recyclable, and the City encourages residents to take them to a participating local grocery or department store, and place them in plastic bag recycling containers.

Click here for information about the most common recycle contaminants. Please share this information with family, friends, and neighbors, and help Warrenville Recycle Often Recycle Right.

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