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Just the Facts

Posted on: July 10, 2018

Rumor: M/I Homes adds more students and less property tax revenue than single family home project.

We heard a rumor that the M/I Homes Everton Project will generate more students and less property tax revenue than a similarly sized detached single-family home project. FACT: THIS RUMOR IS FALSE.

In a unit-to-unit comparison, detached single-family homes generate substantially more school age residents and less net property tax revenue for the school district than either townhomes or apartments.  Based on independent industry accepted population generation data, a typical three-bedroom single-family home generates 0.78 school age residents, a typical three-bedroom apartment generates 0.27 school age residents, and a typical three-bedroom townhome generates 0.19 school age students.  The Everton Project is projected to generate approximately 44 students.

When completed, and after TIF District #4 expires, the proposed Everton Project would have an estimated net-positive annual property tax revenue benefit to School District 200 of $487,000 (in 2018 dollars). 

1. City of Warrenville City Code, “Table of Estimated Ultimate Population Per Dwelling Unit”,

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