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Just the Facts

Posted on: July 17, 2018

Rumor: Higher density developments lower property values on surrounding properties.

We heard a rumor that higher density developments lower property values on surrounding properties. FACT: THIS RUMOR IS FALSE.

Most research concludes that multi-family rental housing does not cause neighboring property values to decline.  In fact, no discernible difference exists in the appreciation rate of properties located near higher-density development and those that are not.  Some research even shows higher-density development can increase property values.

1. Mark Obrinsky and Debra Stein, “Overcoming Opposition to Multifamily Rental Housing”, November 2006, Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies 
2. Urban Land Institute/National Multi Housing Council/Sierra Club/American Institute of Architects, “Higher-Density Development Myth and Fact,” 2005

The City of Warrenville periodically posts “Just the Facts” on its website to dispel rumors and address community concerns. Please contact City Administrator John Coakley for additional information at 
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