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Electrical Registration Application

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  2. Electrical Registration Application

  3. Community Development Department

    3S258 Manning Avenue, Warrenville, IL 60555, Ph.: 630-393-9050 Fax: 630-393-1531

  4. Section 1: Property, Contact, and Owner Information

    I hereby petition for registration as an Electrical Contractor in the City of Warrenville, Illinois, pursuant to the provisions of Section 8-8-3 of the City of Warrenville City Code.

  5. The Applicant is the contact person for the proposed project. All correspondences will be directed to the Applicant

  6. City staff will communicate approvals or questions through this email address.

  7. Section 2: Affidavit

    1. I understand all contracted electrical work shall be performed by a licensed/registered and bonded. The electrical license is one which was acquired by passing a written electrical examination offered by an approved municipality or a national contractor/trades journeyman or higher electrician certification by the International Code Council. have provided in the download box of this application, a legible copy of my electrical license. 2. I understand that the registration is not valid until the $35.00 registration fee is paid and the $5,000.00 surety bond has been provided to the City of Warrenville and this application has been approved by the City of Warrenville. 3. I understand that the certificate of registration shall expire on December 31 of the year in which it is issued. 4. I understand that the chief Code Official may seek to have certificate of registration revoked for one or more violations of any of the rules or regulations pertaining to electrical installation during the annual license period. 5. I agree to keep the approved registration certificate conspicuously in view at the place of business.

  8. Number of Years in the Electrical Industry*

  9. Provide a legible copy of your electrical license, a national contractor/trades journeyman electrician certification, or International Code Council Electrical Contractor Certificate here.

  10. A $5,000 surety bond is required by the City of Warrenville for electrical contractors performing electrical work in Warrenville.

  11. Affirmation *

    By checking this box I hereby affirm I agree to faithfully comply with all rules, regulations, and Ordinances of the City of Warrenville pertaining to the installation and/or alteration of electrical wiring, apparatus, and equipment now or hereafter in force and effect.

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