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Solar Permit Application


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  • Step One

    1. Logo
    2. Solar Photovoltaic Permit Application
    3. Community Development Department
      3S258 Manning Avenue, Warrenville, IL 60555, Ph.: 630-393-9050 Fax: 630-393-1531
    4. Section 1: Property, Contact, and Owner Information
      This section provides us with the location and contact information of your project.
    5. The Applicant is the contact person for the proposed project. All correspondences will be directed to the Applicant
    6. City staff will communicate approvals or questions through this email address.
    7. If text number is provided staff will notify you via text in lieu of email when your permit is approved.
    8. Type "Self" if same as Applicant.
    9. Type "Same" if same as Applicant Address
    10. Required if leasing property

    11. Section 2: Project information
      This section provides us with an understanding of your project and the scope of work. Please provide sufficient detail in the "Project Description " box.
    12. Materials & Labor Cost
    13. IMPORTANT! The 3-day permit processing time will not begin until all required documents have been received by the Building Department. For 3-day review, professionally submitted site plan, mounting detail plan, electrical schematic, directory label as required by NEC 705.10, sizing of all conductors and raceways, Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory listings.
    14. Section 3: General Contractor Information
      This section for contractor information. If homeowner is doing the work, type self in contractor name and proceed to Section 4.
    15. Type "Self" if work is being done by property owner.
    16. Electrical Contractor Information

      Electrical Contractors must provide a  copy of their current electrical license.

    17. Type "Self" if work is being done by property owner.
    18. Name of municipality or other testing agency.
    19. Section 4: Permit Agreement
      By initialing and dating, the applicant agrees to the conditions of the permit.
    20. Permit Process

      Smal PV residential rooftop system permits are reviewed and issued within 3 working days of the Building Division receiving all the required documents. Other projects requiring engineering, zoning, and/or fire protection reviews may take longer. Failure to submit all required documents for the plan review will cause delays in the review process. Applicants will be contacted via email. Permits not picked up within 180 days of approval are considered expired and will be disposed of.

    21. Fees:
      Simple residential rooftop PV systems are $79.25. Other systems will be calculated by the Building Department. All fees are due upon issuance of the permit .
    22. Permit Validity:
      180 days from issuance, unless proof of ongoing work progression is provided. If project is not complete prior to expiration date, the applicant may provide a written request for one extension. Failure to submit a written request for an extension will result in an automatic expiration. Expired permits may require completion permits with an additional 25% fee charged.
    23. Acknowledgement:
      By executing this document Property Owner/Applicant acknowledges his/her understanding that (i) the City typically attaches specific Permit Conditions or Building Code Review Compliance Requirements to issued Permits, of which the Owner must comply, (ii) all applicable City Permit fees are due and payable, and (iii) all required City inspections are to be scheduled by the applicant and performed by the City.
    24. Owner and applicant signatures will be required for permit issuance.