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City of Warrenville
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, IL 60555
Ph: 630-393-9427
Utility Division
Well inspectionThe Utility Division is responsible for ensuring residents have clean, safe drinking water and an efficient sanitary sewer system. It operates the water and sanitary sewer utilities within the corporate limits of the City and maintains the water and sewer utilities located with the right-of-way. The City of Warrenville meets or exceeds all state and federal standards.

The Division will investigate and troubleshoot water customer concerns free of charge by assisting with issues associated with interior plumbing such as high water consumption, low water pressure, and clogged sewer lines. Personnel are available on a 24-hour basis for emergencies regarding water or sanitary sewer problems.

The City of Warrenville is a member of JULIE, a co-op, which allows for one phone call to notify all the utility companies of planned excavation and determine if any utilities are in the way. The phone number for JULIE is 811.

For Water Billing questions, call (630) 393-5753.