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City of Warrenville
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, IL 60555
Ph: 630-393-9427
Rain Gardens
Rain gardens perform bioretention services but do not have an engineered subgrade. Rain gardens rely on healthy soils with good infiltration and percolation rates to manage ponded runoff water. A thorough soils investigation is needed to ensure a proposed rain garden site has soils with adequate percolation rates. Rain gardens are typically used in residential settings to manage runoff from smaller impervious surfaces like roofs. In some residential development, soils are altered and compacted and require an engineered subgrade to ensure drain down time of 12 to 24 hours.
  • How to Build Your Own Rain Garden

Rain Garden in Residential Yard in Warrenville
Rain Garden in Residential Yard in Warrenville

Here are few additional examples of the best management practices (BMPs) successfully implemented in the City of Warrenville: