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City of Warrenville
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, IL 60555
Ph: 630-393-9427
Addendum to West Branch DuPage River Watershed Plan

DuPage County hired and worked with a private engineering firm to update the hydrologic and hydraulic model of the WBDR with storm information up to and including the September 2008 storm that caused the worst flooding experienced by the City of Warrenville. The County Board passed Resolution SM-0007-11 accepting the WBDR Watershed Plan Addendum on January 11, 2011. A digital copy of the WBDR Watershed Plan Addendum can be accessed on the DuPage County website by clicking here.

Included in this Addendum was an alternatives analysis that ultimately resulted in a “Preferred Alternative” comprised of the following projects:

  • Vegetative Management within the McDowell Grove Forest Preserve to remove vegetation that is hindering flows in this area (this project falls under the jurisdiction of the Forest Preserve District);
  • Bower Elementary Berm Improvements raising the berm approximately 2-feet above the 100-year floodplain elevation (completed);
  • River Road Improvements reconstructing 2,000-feet of River Road to 1-foot above the September 2008 flood elevation to allow for a reasonable factor of safety (completed);
  • Warrenville Road Bridge Improvements reconstructing the bridge and realigning the river channel to reduce energy loss at the bridge and a combination of buyouts and flood proofing to assist commercial properties (nearly complete);
  • Williams Road Bridge Reconstruction by the City of Warrenville to raise the bridge out of the flood plain and reduce energy loss through the bridge (completed);
  • Protective Berm Improvements at Emerald Green, Iroquois Court, and Forestview Drive to protect existing areas prone to flooding (Preliminary plans were designed by a consultant for DuPage County and presented to neighborhoods for feedback – Emerald Green click here, Iroquois Court click here, and Forestview Drive click here. County is not actively pursuing due to the limited support from the affected neighborhoods);
  • Main Street – Manning Avenue Storm Sewer System Control Structure Project by the City of Warrenville to prevent the West Branch DuPage River from backing up into the City’s storm sewer system, surcharging and potentially causing flooding in low areas away from the river (completed);
  • Water Quality and River Restoration Improvements including the removal of non-native invasive species along the banks of the river and cutting back the eroded banks of the river to create greater stormwater storage areas and improve conveyance of flood flows (nearly complete).