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Carbon Emissions Calculator Information
Environmental Tools and Calculators
Sure, lower carbon emissions are good and residents should use energy efficient appliances and CFLs, but how do these things really impact our lives, the environment or more importantly, our wallets? Well, below are some calculators that can help show how a lifestyle affects the environment and how small changes can enact big changes in the world.

Household Emissions Calculator
This is another lifestyle calculator published by the EPA. After a survey, it provides the respondent with their current carbon emissions, ways to reduce these emissions, as well as savings estimates.

Household Carbon Footprint Calculator

NICOR Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Energy Impact Illinois

Climate Change Calculator
An interesting take on the above calculators in that after all information has been inputted and it calculates the carbon emissions, it will indicate how many trees to plant to offset these emissions. A definite bonus for the Arbor Day crowds.

Carbon Calculator Assumptions and Sources