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City of Warrenville
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, IL 60555
Ph: 630-393-9427
Warrenville Road Reconstruction

Construction Updates


On September 17, 2018, the City Council expressed a desire to incorporate additional traffic calming measures into the Warrenville Road reconstruction project.  The City hosted an information meeting on April 17 to provide residents of the area an opportunity to voice their opinions and ask questions about additional traffic calming measures for Warrenville Road.

Existing Traffic Calming Measures:
When the road was reconstructed with permeable pavers from 2007-2009, the following traffic calming measures were incorporated into the design:

  • The combination of the relatively narrow width of the road and allowing on-street parking throughout much of the corridor
  • Installation of vertical elements such as street lighting and trees in parkway
  • Islands at each end of corridor
  • Permeable pavers provide some level of traffic calming

With the exception of the permeable pavers, the remainder of the traffic calming measures will remain.

Staff Recommendation:
After careful consideration of traffic calming options, staff is recommending the following:

  • Stamped and colored crosswalks for each pedestrian crossing of Warrenville Road
  • Median islands on the east and west legs of Warrenville Road at Mignin Drive with plantings in the islands. The height of the plantings will dictate whether this intersection requires a 4-way stop or not.

Staff made a presentation at the May 13, Community Development Committee of the Whole meeting.  At their May 20, 2019 meeting, City Council directed staff to install stop signs on Warrenville Road at Rockwell Street, and to incorporate center median islands into the project on Warrenville Road on the east and west legs of the Mignin Drive intersection.

City Council awarded the construction contract to Geneva Construction, and approved a contract for construction engineering services with Thomas Engineering Group (TEG), at its June 17, 2019 City Council meeting.

This page will be used to provide updates on the future of Warrenville Road, including decisions made by City Council and any design or construction projects resulting from those decisions.

03-Proposed Mignin.jpg
Proposed median islands on the east and west legs of Warrenville Road at Mignin Drive

Displacement of chips from bricks to curb and parkway.

Ruts visible in wheel paths at Curtis Avenue.

Puddles in ruts at end of storm, near St. Irene's.

Puddles in ruts with limestone slurry, near Behrs Circle.

Ruts visible in wheel paths at Mignin Drive.

Puddles in ruts at end of storm, near Mignin Drive.