Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Ordinance is adopted for the purpose of improving and protecting the public health, safety, and welfare of residents of the City via the following tenants:

  • Implement objectives of the City’s Comprehensive Plan
  • Zone all land in the City with a view to conserving property values and encouraging the most appropriate use of land
  • Protect all areas of the City from harmful encroachment by incompatible uses
  • Establish adequate standards for the provision of light, air, and open spaces
  • Prevent overcrowding of land and undue concentration of population, thereby preventing blight and deterioration
  • Lessen congestion in public streets
  • Facilitate public services and facilities such as transportation, water, sewerage, and parks
  • Provide for drainage, control of erosion, reduction of flood damage, and destruction of environmental resources
  • Encourage a range of housing opportunities that enables all people working in Warrenville to live within the City
  • Foster a desirable pattern of relationships among residential, commercial, industrial, and other uses
  • Isolate and control the location of unavoidable nuisance-producing uses

    Zoning Ordinance 1018 has been incorporated into the City Code as Title 10. 

View/Download Warrenville Zoning Ordinance HERE.