Old Town Redevelopment Site #2

Old Town Redevelopment Site #2 formerly Phillips 66/Citgo Gas Station, 28W244 Warrenville Road

Project Overview: After four years of negotiations, the City acquired the property formerly known as Pride/Phillips 66/Citgo gas station at 28W244 Warrenville Road in July 2020. The City’s ultimate goal is to replace the contaminated and dilapidated gas station with uses that would enhance rather than detract from the character of the Old Town historical heart of the community. The City’s Old Town/Civic Center Subarea Plan illustrates the redevelopment of this property, and the three adjacent City owned properties to the north, with private mixed-use development along the street frontages and a new community open space amenity and path in the floodplain portion of the property along the river.  

The existing contamination that has existed on this property for more than 30 years must be properly remediated before it can be redeveloped.  At the very beginning of 2021, the City completed the first major step in cleaning and preparing the property for desirable redevelopment by removing all of the underground petroleum storage tanks and gas pumping equipment on the property.  

Current Status:  The City is submitting an application to the U.S. and Illinois Environmental Protection Agencies requesting approval of a no interest, partially forgivable, Brownfield Revolving Loan Funding (RLF) that can be used by the City to remediate various subsurface contaminates and hazardous building materials on the property. The draft RLF application, Alternative Brownfields Clean-up Assessment, Comprehensive Site Investigation Report, Remediation Objectives Report, and Remediation Action Plan the City has prepared for this site will be available for public review and comment beginning April 1, 2021.

These documents will be available for review between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday, in the Community Development Department located in the lower level of City Hall at 3 S 258 Manning Avenue.  Written comments can be submitted to the above noted mailing address or emailed to input@warrenville.il.us. Verbal comments may also be made during the public information and input meeting the City will be conducting on this project at 6:30pm on Wednesday May 5, 2021.  Additional details on the location and format of this meeting will be posted at City Hall and on this webpage at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.

Questions regarding the above referenced RLF related documents and review and comment period should be directed to Community and Economic Development Director Ron Mentzer at rmentzer@warrenville.il.us or 630-393-9050.

Public Notice:  Warrenville Hometown Happenings, TBD

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