Old Town Redevelopment Site #2

Old Town Redevelopment Site #2 (formerly Phillips 66/Citgo Gas Station)

28W244 Warrenville Road

After four years of negotiations, the City acquired the property formerly known as Pride/Phillips 66/Citgo gas station at 28W244 Warrenville Road (the “Site”) in July 2020. The City’s ultimate goal is to replace the contaminated and dilapidated gas station with uses that would enhance, rather than detract from, the character of the Old Town historical heart of the community and attract desirable private investment into the area. The City’s Old Town/Civic Center Subarea Plan illustrates the coordinated redevelopment of this Site and the three adjacent City-owned properties to the north, with private mixed-use development along the adjacent street frontages and a new community open space amenity and path in the floodplain portion of the property along the river. The contamination that has existed on the Site for more than 30 years must be properly remediated before it can be redeveloped. 


Warrenville By Design Initiative:  Inorder to create places to ensure that our buildings and streetscapes are designed for a resilient future, City staff and its consultant have begun the process to update the Zoning Code.  This process is documented on the following City webpage: Warrenville By Design: building A Dynamic Historic Core.   You can go to the Warrenville By Design project website directly by clicking on the logo below.WarrenvillebyDesign-LOGO,TAGLINE(COLOR,BLACK) Opens in new window

Site Remediation Plan:  City staff has been working with the IEPA to formalize the proposed site remediation plan to clean up the site to residential standards based upon the preferred preliminary site plan below.  It is anticipated that the Final Engineering and Construction Bid documents will be prepared in Fall 2023 based upon the approved IEPA site remediation plan.

Preliminary Engineering Plan and Design Visualizations:  Based upon the City's preferred redevelopment plan, the City's consultants have prepared a preliminary (30%) engineering plan that analyzed the stormwater and floodplain requirements, design standards for setbacks, sidewalks and parking areas, and extended the sidewalk and on street parking to the north of the site.  The consultants prepared 3D visualizations based upon the engineering design to help enhance the design and to market the property.   

Preferred Preliminary Site Redevelopment Plan:  On March 21, 2022, the City Council voted unanimously to designate the following preliminary plan as the City's preferred redevelopment plan for this important City-owned redevelopment site.

Final Public Poster Plan 3 2022_8x11.5

This plan will be used by the City to:

  • Design and implement cost-effective environmental site remediation activities on the Site; and
  • Professionally communicate the City's vision for the site to the community, desirable businesses, and quality developers.

Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Related Remediation (Ongoing)

In January of 2021, the City completed the first major step in preparing the Site for desirable redevelopment by removing all remaining underground petroleum storage tanks and gas pumping equipment on the property. The City continues to work with the IEPA to perform additional soil and groundwater investigation activities on the property. Results of these investigations will dictate what additional remediation work will be required. The City anticipates performing required LUST-related remediation work in the spring of 2024. The majority of the LUST-related investigation, reporting, and remediation costs will be paid by the IEPA LUST Program. 

Building and Canopy Demolition (December 2021):  The City’s contractor abated all  asbestos‑containing materials (ACM) and other regulated building materials and then demolished the former convenience store building and former filling station kiosk.

IEPA Brownfields Revolving Loan (October 2021):  The City executed an intergovernmental agreement with the IEPA for up to $775,500 in no interest, partially forgivable, Brownfields Revolving Loan Funding (RLF) for the Site. This funding will be used to pay for demolition and environmental remediation-related costs of the various non-LUST related contaminates on the Site.
General Public Information and Input Meeting (May 2021):  
The City conducted a virtual public information and input meeting on May 5, 2021, to share information, address questions, and accept feedback on:

  • Why the City acquired the Site,
  • Scope and status of contaminates on the Site, 
  • Plan to “clean” the Site, and 
  • General future plans for the Site. 

The audio and video recording from this meeting is available here.

  1. Kristine Hocking

    Senior Civil Engineer
    Phone: 630-393-9050
  1. Kristine Hocking

    Senior Civil Engineer