Where can I park my RV?
Zoning Ordinance 1018, Chapter 5, Section B-10 states that motor homes/trailers/campers may be parked on the driveway, within a garage, carport or accessory building or in the side or rear yard as long as the vehicle is three feet (3’) from the garage and five feet (5’) from the property line.

Zoning Ord. 1018, Chapter 5, Section B-10 regarding storage, states that recreational vehicles cannot be stored in the actual front yard or actual corner side yard. Travel trailers must be stored on the driveway or widening; other recreational vehicles (multi-item trailers) can be stored on a non-paved surface so long as the yard is not torn up and ruts are created. Recreational vehicles must be stored a minimum of three feet (3’) from any building and five feet (5’) from any lot line. If the vehicle is less than five feet (5’) in height, it may be parked up to one foot (1’) from the property line.

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