Now that savings aren't as much, what is the benefit to aggregation?
1. One fixed rate provides an easy-to-understand benchmark: The ComEd rate consists of three individual billing items in which two are re-set twice a year, and the other varies every month. As such, customers can’t know exactly what the ComEd rate is in any given month. The City’s aggregation program offers an easy-to-understand rate, against which informed residents can readily compare other offers.

2. Provides maximum flexibility: Since the City's aggregation program has no early termination fee (unlike many individual contracts), residents are free to come and go with no restrictions and no charges.

3. Supports renewable “green” energy sources. Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for 100% of electric usage by program participants supports “green” electric generation from renewable sources such as hydro, wind, solar and methane gas, etc.

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1. What is Municipal Electrical Aggregation?
2. Why was a Referendum ballot issue scheduled?
3. How did the Referendum pass?
4. What happened when Warrenville voters approved the Referendum?
5. What would have happened if Warrenville voters didn't approve the Referendum?
6. Now that savings aren't as much, what is the benefit to aggregation?
7. What do I have to do to participate?
8. What if I don’t want to participate in the program?
9. What if I already have a contract with a third party electric supplier?
10. When would the City solicit proposals from a third party supplier?
11. Will Aggregation affect my municipal utility tax?
12. How long would the City’s contract with a third party supplier be?
13. I own a small business in Warrenville. Am I eligible to participate in the program?
14. What if my power goes out, who will I need to call to have it restored?
15. Is the Aggregation Program available to those residents who use space heaters?
16. I’ve received mailings from electric retail suppliers offering lower electricity rates now. What should I do?
17. I am located in Warrenville City limits, and have already switched to another Supplier, but would like to join the program. Can I do this?
18. What is the new rate from Eligo Energy?
19. What is the current ComEd rate?
20. I already have electric service with this supplier at a different rate. How can I join the aggregation program to get this new rate?
21. Will someone come to my home or call to sign me up?
22. If I go back to ComEd, do I have to stay with them for 1 year? What is their bundled hold requirement?
23. I understand that Warrenville's 100% green energy is in the form of a REC - what is that?
24. If I have questions, what number do I call?