What is the Governor's plans for LGDF?
Governor Rauner’s proposed budget would cut LGDF in half, from 8% to 4%. The local distribution of income tax revenue for 2015 is estimated to be approximately $99 per capita. The Governor has also been reported to be seeking immediate elimination of the LGDF payments due municipalities for the last quarter of the current state fiscal year, which covers April 1 through June 30, 2015.

Additional proposals by Governor Rauner to freeze all property taxes and take no action to reform municipal public safety pensions will greatly amplify the negative impacts that an LGDF cut would have on municipal residents and businesses.

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1. What is the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF)?
2. When was LGDF first established?
3. Why is LGDF important to me and my community?
4. What is the Governor's plans for LGDF?
5. Has the City lost LGDF funding before?
6. If the Governor's proposal is implemented, what does that mean to Warrenville?
7. Will cutting LGDF in half help with the State's fiscal crisis?
8. Do communities typically use LGDF funds responsibly?
9. Is there a simple and easy way to let my legislators know how I feel about LGDF?