What is the City's hiring process?
For civilian positions, job openings are generally advertised in the local paper or professional journals and are also posted on the City’s website. Anyone may apply for a position opening, as Warrenville is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Each position has a required level of education, experience, skills and abilities that will be outlined in the job posting. These criteria will be used to determine the candidates’ qualifications during the recruitment process.

It is not necessary to apply in person. However, applications are available at City Hall during regular business hours. Applications may be mailed, faxed or emailed. Applications and cover letters must identify for which job the applicant is applying. The job posting will state if a resume is necessary with an application. Applicants can apply for as many jobs as there are openings; however, a separate application is required for each position.

Completed applications must include a legal name, contact information, the title of the position being applied for, and a signature. Incomplete applications may not be considered. Anyone needing assistance in the application process should contact the Assistant City Administrator at (630) 393-9427.

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1. What is the City's hiring process?
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