What is the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF)?
This is a state fund into which a portion of state income tax revenue is deposited annually. Cities and counties currently receive 8% of total state income tax revenues through this fund. It provides a way for the income tax citizens pay to the state to find its way back to their local community to fund essential services.

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1. What is the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF)?
2. When was LGDF first established?
3. Why is LGDF important to me and my community?
4. What is the Governor's plans for LGDF?
5. Has the City lost LGDF funding before?
6. If the Governor's proposal is implemented, what does that mean to Warrenville?
7. Will cutting LGDF in half help with the State's fiscal crisis?
8. Do communities typically use LGDF funds responsibly?
9. Is there a simple and easy way to let my legislators know how I feel about LGDF?