Outdoor Emergency Warning Sirens

Watch a brief EMA Public Service Announcement YouTube on outdoor warning sirens.

The outdoor emergency warning sirens in DuPage County are tested by DuComm on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00  a.m.  The purpose of the siren is an alert to the threat of danger, either due to weather conditions, a natural or man-made emergency incident, or a National Emergency.  If one of these events occurs, DuComm will activate the outdoor emergency warning siren.  The City’s warning siren can also be activated by EMA or the on-duty senior police officer.  

Knowing what to do when you hear the outdoor emergency warning sirens can save your life. 

  • SEEK SHELTER FIRST:  In a basement or the lowest level of a sturdy building, stay close to the most interior wall and away from windows and glass. If outdoors, go to the lowest floor of a nearby sturdy building. If there are no buildings nearby, lie flat in a ditch or depression and cover your head to protect you from flying debris.
  • AFTER SHELTERING:  Use your phone weather apps, television or radio to find out what type of emergency is occurring.  Stay under cover until the warning  given in that information expires.  There is no "all clear" siren. (DO NOT call 911 for information. )

Keep in mind that these are outdoor emergency warning sirens. You might not hear them if you are indoors, especially if you are asleep or in a noisy area. The sirens should not be your only warning mechanism.  Be alert to changing conditions when severe weather threatens.  Monitor weather reports via a NOAA Weather Radio, the Internet, or radio and television stations.