Comprehensive & Subarea Plans

Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan is a legal document which serves as a guide for land planning and land use decisions for property within and in close proximity to the City. The City’s current Comprehensive Plan document was adopted in 1984.

Old Town/Civic Center Subarea Plan
In 2007, the City developed and adopted an Old Town/Civic Center Subarea Plan, which was incorporated into and became part of the Comprehensive Plan.  

Southwest District Plan
The Southwest District Plan presents a long-term vision of the future for the area of Route 59 and Route 56 (Butterfield Road).

Warrenville by Design:  Building a Dynamic Historic Core - Ongoing
The City of Warrenville is undertaking a process to create places for people in and around the key focus area.  This project will ensure that our buildings and streetscapes are designed for a resilient future - one where residents, businesses, and visitors of all ages can thrive in a mixed-use and pedestrian-friendly environment.  

Warrenville Homes for a Changing Region Action Plan
The Homes for a Changing Region team studied Warrenville-specific housing trends and identified recommendations for the City to achieve a balanced and healthy housing stock. 

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