Notary & Solicitor License Services

Notary Public

The City Clerk’s Office, Finance, Community Development, and Police Departments provide free notary services. Bring proof of identification and the unsigned document to the City Hall at 3S258 Manning Avenue. Individuals must sign the document in front of the notary.

Licensing of Solicitors/Peddlers:

A license is required for door-to-door soliciting and for street corner/intersection soliciting. The City Clerk's Office issues licenses for solicitors and peddlers. An application to solicit is not complete until it includes all of the required information. Door-to-door applicants will be required to undergo a background check by the Police Department. Upon approval, licenses can be issued for up to 60 days. See City Code Title 3, Chapter 4: SOLICITORS AND PEDDLERS for more information.

Solicitors/Peddlers must provide the following for door-to-door soliciting:

1. A completed Solicitor/Peddler application

2. A valid government-issued ID card for each person who will be soliciting. (for example. Driver’s License, State of Illinois I.D. card, or valid Passport) 

3. Evidence that the applicant is registered to conduct business in the State of Illinois and is in good standing with the State

4. A copy of the current certificate of registration from the Illinois Department of Revenue showing applicant’s Illinois State Sales Tax number.

5. Two (2) passport-type photos (2 inches x 2 inches) with application

6. A License fee of $60.00 per person is due at time of application (Charitable organizations, as defined by the Illinois Solicitation for Charity Act 225 ILCS 460/1 et seq., are exempt from fees.)

Solicitors/Peddlers must provide the following for street corner/intersection soliciting:

1. A completed Solicitor/Peddler Application

2. Evidence that the applicant is registered with the Illinois Attorney General as a charitable organization.

3. A Certificate of Liability insurance naming the City of Warrenville as additionally insured and noting the name and date of the charitable event.

4. Waivers of Liability from each participant

5. Charitable organizations are exempt from application fees

Solicitors/Peddlers must file a permit application at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. Completed applications must be turned in to the City of Warrenville Finance Department (3S258 Manning Avenue Warrenville, IL 60555).

The application will then be processed and the City Clerk’s Office will contact the applicant with further instructions. Solicitors must agree to abide by all restrictions set for in the City of Warrenville City Code Chapter 4 of Title 3, regulating solicitors/peddlers.

Solicitor Application (PDF)