Newsletter - Hometown Happenings

The Hometown Happenings newsletter is a monthly publication that is available online and a printed version is mailed out to all Warrenville residential and commercial addresses. The intent of the newsletter is to communicate information about city news and business, city sponsored or co-sponsored community events, and inter-governmental news and events. Persons interested in receiving an email or text notification when the newsletter is published, may sign up online.

Current Issues of the Hometown Happenings newsletter: 

November 2021 edition with EAC Resource insert (PDF)

October 2021 edition (PDF)

September 2021 edition (PDF)

August 2021 edition (PDF)

July 2021 edition (PDF)

June 2021 edition (PDF)

May 2021 edition with Water Quality Report (PDF)

April 2021 edition (PDF)

March 2021 edition (PDF)

February 2021 edition (PDF)

January 2021 edition (PDF)

View past issues of the Hometown Happenings.  

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