Municipal (Electrical) Aggregation

The City of Warrenville has renewed its Municipal Electrical Aggregation Program with Dynegy Energy effective October 2018, at a rate of 7.666 cents per kWh with 100% renewable energy certificates. This program will be in effect from October 2018 to September 2020. Residents will receive a notice in the mail with additional information about the program and instructions to opt out if they wish to do so. Questions about the program may be directed to the City's Electric Aggregation consultant, NIMEC, at 1-800-727-3820.

No one is obligated to participate in the City of Warrenville electric governmental aggregation program. Anyone who wishes to be excluded from the program can call Dynegy Energy at 1-844-351-7691 to opt out at any time with no termination fee. Those who want to enroll in the Program can do so by contacting Dynegy Energy at the same numbers.


Many Illinois communities began buying their electric power from suppliers other than ComEd. With a different supplier, nothing changes in the infrastructure; ComEd continues to do the billing and continues to repair any outages. In March 2012, a referendum passed that allowed the City to solicit bids on behalf of residents and small businesses to buy electric power on the open energy market. The goal was to secure lower electric supply rates for residents and small businesses in the community, preserve flexibility in choice, offer a rate guarantee, and utilize 100% renewable energy.

Since the State of Illinois deregulated electric power providers, 75% of commercial businesses now buy their power from suppliers other than ComEd. But few residents have moved to lower-cost energy suppliers. As a result, the State created legislation allowing communities to leverage residential accounts by engaging in a process called "Municipal Aggregation." It enables municipalities to solicit competitive bids from suppliers on behalf of the entire community. This is similar to the way a community sets rates for garbage collection.

Reference Documents

Ordinance 2684 Providing for the Referendum (PDF)

Certified Election Results (PDF)

Ordinance 2721 Adopting a Plan of Operation and Governance (PDF)