Building Permit Information

Permitting Process

Permit applications are completed online and include the opportunity to upload all necessary documents directly with your application. If you don't have the ability to scan or photograph your materials please bring the physical copies to the Community Development Department and we will assist in getting them scanned. Staff will review the documents to insure they comply with the City's Codes. If questions or concerns arise during the processing of the application the applicant will be contacted via the information provided on the application. Once your permit is approved you will receive an email which will include information on how to obtain your permit, the applicable permit fees, and any other pertinent information.

What Kind of Permit Do You Need?

Please click on your project category below for the FAQ to assist with general information about various permit types. These handouts are for informational purposes only. Where differences between these handouts and the City's adopted codes occur the provisions of the City's adopted codes will prevail. 

When Are Permits Required?

Permits are required before beginning new construction, repairs, additions, alterations, or demolition projects.

Permits are not required for painting, flooring, tiling, or changing out cabinetry.  Non-structural repairs to interior surfaces don't require permits provided no changes are made to the structural framing, electrical, or plumbing. Emergency repairs may be addressed without immediately obtaining a permit, but the permit must be applied for within 7 days of the emergency repair work being performed.

The Community Development Department is available to assist with any questions obtaining to whether or not your project requires a permit at (630) 393-9050.

Warrenville Fire Protection District
The Warrenville Fire Protection District is responsible for review and approval of all non-single family related building and occupancy permits and for approving all Fire Alarm and Sprinkler system drawings.