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City of Warrenville
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, IL 60555
Ph: 630-393-9427
Plugging Into Solar Power
Permitting Solar Power in Warrenville
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The City of Warrenville is committed to encouraging residents and businesses to reduce consumable energy and protect our planet. The following information is provided to assist in the implementation of solar power improvements in the City of Warrenville.  

The City Council has directed Community Development Department staff to allocate its time and direct its efforts in a manner whereby it prioritizes the review and processing of those building permits and development applications that are most likely to result in the construction of solar installations in the City of Warrenville.

Small rooftop solar energy system permits are issued within three days* after the following required permit application materials are submitted to the Community Development Department. Systems not mounted on a roof may take additional time due to extra reviews.
  • A completed Solar Permit application.
  • Electrical Contractor Registration application(not required for currently registered electricians).
  • Professionally drawn site plan with the plan showing where panels will be located, with dimensions.
  • Structural calculations signed and sealed by a licensed structural engineer that certifies the mounted building wall or roof is structurally sound and will bear the weight of the photovoltaic panels.
  • Provider/installer's photovoltaic system drawings and product documentation (see Photovoltaic Installation Plan Review Checklist below for examples). 
  • Construction plans in compliance with the 2015 International Solar Energy Provisions Code.
*Other solar power systems may take longer due to zoning and engineering reviews.

Permit Fee: $79.25 for the residential, standard photovoltaic system. Total fee is payable when permit issued. Additional fees may be required for large-scale designs.

Required Inspections: Two inspections are typically required; (1) Rough Electric - before roof panels installed, (2) Final Electric - when installation complete. To schedule inspections, call 630-393-9050 one day before inspection requested.  The contractor must be present. Refer to the inspection checklist for a listing of what the inspector(s) will be observing at the site.

For detailed information, please refer to the City of Warrenville Photovoltaic Installation Plan Review Checklist.

Illinois Solar Rights
Illinois law prohibits homeowners' associations, common interest community associations, and condominium unit owners' associations from preventing homeowners from using or installing solar energy systems. These associations may not deny homeowners permission to install solar energy systems, but they may specify the location of the solar energy system, as long as such specifications do not "impair the effective operation" of the system. In July 2011, the legislature enacted a bill (Public Act 97-0105) which added a provision for wind energy. A homeowner's association or similar entity may restrict wind energy devices altogether.
The law stipulates that associations must adopt an energy policy statement specifying details such as location, design, and architectural requirements of the solar energy systems within 120 days of receiving a request for a policy statement or receiving an application from a homeowner. The statement must also include a statement of whether or not wind energy collections are allowed, and, if so, the architectural requirements. If the association adopts an energy policy in which approval is required for the solar energy systems, upon receiving a request from the homeowner, the association has 90 days to approve or deny it. This policy applies to homes that are 30 feet or less in height.
The complete law can be viewed at the Ilga website.

Solar Power Resources
Project Sunroof. Provides an estimated rooftop solar potential for Warrenville roofs.  
Source: Project Sunroof data explorer (May 2018) 
U.S. Department of Energy State and Local Energy Data. Provides comprehensive energy use and activity data to help plan and implement clean energy projects.  
DSIRE Database for State Incentives for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Provides valuable information and incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Homeowners Solar Rights Act. Know your rights, even if you are in a homeowner association.
ComEd Solar Power Interconnection Information. Guide for interconnecting your solar power with ComEd supply. 
Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar A resource guide with additional links from the U.S. Department of Energy.
Illinois Solar Energy Association   (ISEA) Website with a focus on consumer protection for Illinois residents. Click here for a direct link other homeowner resources from ISEA.
North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® Guide for locating certified installers.