Animal Control


                                                                     Find City Animal Control Ordinances here

Animal Control Officer (ACO)                                                           

The ACO is a non-sworn member of the police department whose duties include:

  • Responding to sick or injured wildlife or stray domestic animals calls, and trapping, relocation and abatement of wild animals. 
  • Ordinance enforcement of parking, abandoned vehicles, and illegal burning.
  • Traffic control duties, vehicle lockouts, fingerprinting, and child safety seat inspections. The ACO is available to talk to schools, children’s groups, homeowners’ associations, etc. regarding humane animal care and dog bite prevention education.

Animal Control Facility 

The Police Department operates a small facility used to house stray domestic animals found running at large. Animals found wearing a collar, tags, or having a micro-chip are housed for seven days, while animals found without them are housed for five days. Holding periods are regulated by Illinois state law, and the facility itself is licensed through the IL Department of Agriculture.  Any animal that is not reclaimed is sent to DuPage County Animal Services for disposition.  The  Police Department does not accept unwanted pets.  Please see the links provided below for shelter and humane society information. 

Disaster Planning for Your Pet

Pets depend on their caregivers to provide for their safety and well-being, so having a disaster plan for them is important. When you create a disaster plan for your family, include your pets.  Disaster Plan suggestions (PDF)

Dog Licensing
A City dog license is required for all dogs whose owners reside within city limits. Dog licenses are valid for one calendar year, and renew annually in January. Dog licenses may be purchased at City Hall or the Police Department during regular business hours.  Proof of rabies vaccination for each dog is required at that time. Learn more about the dog licensing ordinance at this link.

Micro-chipping Your Dog

The Police Department will scan for micro-chipped pets, but does not insert them. Micro-chipping is available through veterinarians, county animal control agencies (DuPage County Animal Services), and humane societies. Unlike collars, micro-chips are a permanent form of identification, which require owner information be kept up-to-date through the chipping vendor.

Reclaiming an Animal 

Call Police non-emergency (630-393-2131) during regular business hours, and ask to speak with a Community Service Officer.

Reporting Found Animals

If you find or see what appears to be a lost pet or injured animal, dial 9-1-1.  All found animals are kept within the City animal kennel, scanned for a micro-chip, and held for the state-regulated period of time (see Animal Kennel).

Reporting Lost Animals 

Owners should call Police non-emergency (630-393-2131) immediately to make a lost animal report, or use the online reporting form. The owner will be asked to provide a full description of the lost animal, location and time the animal went missing, and a photo, if available. Pet owners should also notify surrounding police departments and county animal control agencies, and should never assume their pet will return home on its own.  All dogs  and cats should wear a collar with their current rabies tag. 

*Dog owners may also choose to report lost pets to the following internet sites: Lost Dogs Illinois, Find my Fido, and Find my Pet. These sites are not affiliated with the Police Department nor the City of Warrenville, who do not report to them nor endorse their site(s).*

Information to Help you Keep your Pets Safe 

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (ASPCA) 

Keeping your Pets Safe - Animal Humane Society website
Registering my Pets with SMART 911 website
Spay Illinois website (IL non-profit - discounted vaccinations/services)

Other Pet Friendly and Wildlife Educational Resources

ADOPT Shelter website
Animal Humane Society website
Naperville Humane Society website
Cook County Urban Coyote Project website
DuPage County Forest Preserve website  - Wildlife Educational Materials
IL Dept. of Natural Resources website - Kids for Conservation
Wildlife Illinois website
The Humane Society of the United States website - Coyote
Trapping Policy Packet  (PDF)
Willowbrook Wildlife Center website