Bioswales are vegetated drainage ways that function by slowing runoff as it comes off an impervious surface, such as parking areas. Bioswales remove sediments and other pollutants and provide infiltration into the soil during small rain events. Maintaining and enhancing natural drainage ways can save money by eliminating the need to install storm sewers.

Parking Lot Bioswale Detail (PDF)

Parking Lot Bioswale Detail Opens in new window

Parking Lot Bioswale at Hubble Middle School

Parking Lot Bioswale Hubble Middle School

Bioswale at Blanchard Alliance Church

Parking Lot Bioswale Blanchard Alliance Church

Infiltration Trench at the Hubble Middle School

Parking Lot Infiltration Trench Hubble Middle School

Here are few additional examples of the best management practices (BMPs) successfully implemented in the City of Warrenville: