Native Landscaping

One of the easiest ways to enhance the landscape's ability to manage water more sustainably is to strategically install landscaping that features native plants of the tall grass prairie region. Native plants have deep root systems that will help build soil quality, which increases infiltration and reduces runoff. Native plants are tolerant of weather extremes and don't need fertilizers or pesticides. Native plants also create habitat for birds, wildlife, butterflies, and other species. After establishment, native landscaping is less expensive and easier to maintain.

Best Practice Detention Pond at Cantera

Natural Landscaping, Best Practice Detention Pond, at Cantera

Detention Pond Landscaping at Cantera

Detention Pond Landsaping at Cantera

Detention Pond at Cantera, Subarea H

Detention Pond Landscaping at Cantera, Subarea H

Here are few additional examples of the best management practices (BMPs) successfully implemented in the City of Warrenville: