Complete Streets

City Council adopted a Complete Streets Policy in November 2019 (link to PDF of Resolution). Complete Streets are defined as a safe, connected, comfortable, accessible, and inclusive network of transportation infrastructure that supports people walking, bicycling, driving, delivering goods and services, using transit, as well as supports emergency responders, and equestrians.

Implementation Plan

The City’s policy includes the following implementation steps:

  • The City will develop a methodology to review projects for the inclusion of Complete Streets elements, and use this information to inform existing or revised project scoping.
  • The City will develop a methodology to receive and document resident requests for the inclusion of Complete Streets elements into future transportation projects where a project scope has not been defined.
  • The City will develop methods and a policy for ranking of potential projects.
  • The City will develop a Performance Measures process, including report template, to report progress on implementation of the policy.
  • The City will prepare an annual report for the City Council and provide a copy to the Bicyclist and Pedestrian Advisory Commission on Performance Measures and the development or revision of Project Selection Criteria.
  • The City will develop a long-term funding policy and funding source that supports the design and construction of new complete streets projects, and the long-term maintenance and replacement of the same improvements. The policy and funding levels will be based on the Warrenville Complete Streets Policy Cost Estimate Scenario Planning memo dated November 1, 2019 (link to PDF of Memo).

Next Steps

The intent was for staff to develop recommendations for City Council consideration for the various steps outlined above, beginning in fiscal year 2021. With the pandemic and related budget issues, this has been delayed until fiscal year 2023, and development of the implementation plan is included in the Public Works Department Fiscal Year 2023 Work Program.