Parkway Trees

PXL_20220301_194352721Public Works Street Division maintains all parkway trees that are in compliance with the City’s recommended planting list for parkway trees. The City does not maintain shrubs or perennials planted in the City right-of-way.

Tree Inventory and Management Plan

A contractor completed a tree inventory in early 2020, and a management plan dated May 2020 (Link to PDF of plan). Public Works staff is evaluating the plan, and will be developing recommendations for City Council on the management of the City's existing trees, and the City's parkway tree planting program. 

The inventory has been incorporated into the City’s GIS and the map can be viewed here (Link to City's GIS maps).

Parkway Tree Inventory and Management Plan

TreePlantingProject_10Residents can request to have a tree planted in the parkway in front of their property. Below is a summary of the program: